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Activities in Nubra


Nubra Valley is divided majorly in two parts left bank of Tsyok river called Hunder and left bank called Sumur. Hunder has major attraction of Diskit monastery and Hunder Sand Dunes while as in Sumur section you can visit Panamic Hot spring and Samastaling Monastery.

Just 10 Minutes drive away from the Hotel Stendel Nubra, Deskit Gompa is the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery in the Nubra Valley.

Diskit monastery to witness the morning prayer ceremony. Diskit monastery belongs to Gelugpa (yellow hat) sect, founded by Changzem Tserab Zangpo, a disciple of Tsong Khapa, founder of Gelugpa, in the 14th century. parts of the gompa, about 760 years old. The Dukhang has many statues, one of which holds the head and left arm of a Turkish invader believed to be 500 years old.


Approx 10 Kms from Hotel Stendel, you can approach Hunder village famous for its two humph camel ride. Bactrian camels as such are native to the steppes of central Asia. The Bactrian camels were the main mode of transport when Ladakh was an important stopover on the ancient trade routes with Central Asia.

You may have Joy rides on the Bactrian camel through the sand dunes in Hunder. Though you can ask for the day ride and a complete Camel ride trip for more than 3 days to a week can be arranged with us.

You can visit to Hundar Gompa. This is a small gompa belonging to the Gelug-pa sect, The gompa was built at the time King Jamgyal Namgyal came here with his wife Gyal Khatun. Explore Hunder village to see some beautiful old houses.


Panamik is approximately 60 kms from Hotel Stendel (Diskit) a beautiful village by crossing river Shyok . lush green fields and tree line awaits for your arrival. Just before autumn you will have a colorful treelile with yellow / orange and lemon color spread around.

Visit hot spring sulfur water at Panamic even you can bath for your body treatments. Take your towel and undergarments to change the cloths.


Skuru with around bit less than 300 inhabitants at an altitude of 3150 M ASL. Skuru has around 50 households. It has a small ancient monastery worth visiting.


Near sumur village you can visit a holy lake called Yarab Tso. It offers a magnificent serene surrounding that will truly capture heart and mind of any visitor. You need to get prepared for a walk for less than half an hour train upward to reach at. Highly recommended to avail the opportunity being here.


In Sumur village itself a beautiful monastery called Samastanlingn built in the early 19th century by Tsultims Nima, One of the remote villages in the Nubra Valley. Set in the midst of picturesque ambiance, this monastery is well maintained and home of nearly 50 monks. Witness the elegant hangings, murals of Lord Buddha and his teachings, of Dharmachakra and other facets of Buddhism.


There are no routine rafting trips in Shyok river in Nubra valley but organized rafting trips are being organized by us. You need to inform well in advance to arrange the same for your travel.


Approx bit more than 2 hours away from Hotel Stendel Nubra you can visit the last village of the border called Turtuk. A small village set at a beautiful location and Trans Himalayan ranges at the backdrop. This area has been open recently to the visitors. An overnight stay is possible, though you may have a day excursion to Turtuk Village. Famous for its delicious apricot.


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